• Amanda Schroeder

What I have learned being self employed.

It's been one year since I started IvyBridge Marketing & Design. I love trying new things and this job lets me do that- TRY! I love it when a client lets me learn as I go. Their willingness to trust me to try still blows my mind!

This year I have designed 10 websites, launch a clients book, made 2 campaign videos, designed 7 logos, did content shots, headshots, family photos, went on an airplane to take photos, and made countless social media posts- it's been a year! I feel so blessed. I have also learned a few things this year.

  1. Don't underestimate yourself- so many times this year I have thought... can I actually do this? If you are willing to try, to learn, to fail, to pick yourself up and try again you will be surprised at what you can actually do.

  2. Do your books- this is my least favourite part of owning a business. It is so important. Plus, is feels great when you start making money to see those numbers.

  3. Be honest with your clients- I can tell you there has been multiple times this past year where I said "I haven't done much of this before or ever, but I'm willing to try" and it's been overwhelming to have them hire me. However, there are times when they want someone with more experience and guess what- that's ok too.

  4. Be yourself- this is HUGE! People hire people they can trust. Being authentically yourself builds trust and relationship.

  5. Be willing to think outside the box- this year has been a great example of the importance to think differently. I have been so impressed with how businesses have shifted their product, their service to meet the customer in this ever changing time.

I don't know what 2021 will bring. I am learning lots about myself and I can feel a shift in my journey. I want to try more, learn more, and grow more.

I want to DREAM BIG.

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