• Amanda Schroeder

Those Little Lies We Tell Ourselves

"I can't write".

"I will never be able to do that".

"I am not *insert word* enough".

It's amazing the things we tell ourselves. Recently, I have been reflecting on some of the lies I have told myself or limiting beliefs I had been believing about myself.

Last year I read an amazing book #yourbestyearever by Michael Hyatt. (Which I highly recommend). In this book, Michael has a whole chapter on limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are things we believe about ourselves that either we have told ourselves or perhaps others have spoken over us, which are causing us to stop trying, learning, or moving forward. It's important to search out these limiting beliefs because they can become the lens in which we see ourselves, our abilities and others.

I realized as I decided to step out of my comfort zone and start my marketing business that I had some BIG limiting beliefs about myself that I needed to overcome & work through. One belief that I held on to was "You are not good at writing". This was an interesting limiting belief because I wasn't sure where it came from. I don't remember anyone saying I couldn't write, I had written many, many, MANY papers throughout my university degree, I've written funding applications, and even a children's book (which was never published and now thinking about it I should try to find where I put that). So I pondered this limiting belief for a bit. Thought back to my childhood and adolescence and slowly a memory came forward. In grade 11 english class (many years ago now) I received a mark that wasn't great on a paper and instead of recognizing and owning up to my poor paper (which was most likely written the night before the due date, in a rush, without spell check and let's be honest, most likely I didn't even proof read it). Instead I told myself "You got this grade because you are bad at writing." BAM! There it is- the limiting belief that I have carried with me ever since.

Now, just because I am aware of where my limiting belief came from, it doesn't mean that I'm suddenly an amazing writer or penning my first novel. This is a habitual lie that I have told myself for years- so it is going to take some time to rewire my thinking. Since discovering this now when the thought comes up "You are a bad writer" I simply acknowledge the thought for what it is- a limiting belief and tell myself "You are a writer who is beginning to bloom, don't stop trying, growing, and learning". It may sound a tad cheesy to you but it works.

I challenge you to look into some of your limiting beliefs. I can say with certainly that believing lies about ourselves only leads down a path where we stop dreaming, growing, learning and loving ourselves.

In business it can be easy to get distracted and hold back because of the limiting beliefs we have told ourselves. This is an area of #selfawareness that is KEY to being able to grow yourself and your business.

"Being self- aware is not the absence of mistakes, but the ability to learn and correct them"

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