• Amanda Schroeder

This Matter's More NOW Than Ever Before!

Over the last week my heart has been hurting for the small & large business owners. When I reflect on how this is affecting the businesses around the world and in my own community, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people who will have to close their businesses, who will have to lay off staff, or who's dreams will feel shattered. My heart goes out to those people. Even with all the difficulties around us, I have also seen businesses think outside the box, offering delivery, food/cleaning packages, fun behind the scenes videos, encouraging support for those who are in need in our community, and overall businesses deciding that they are going to push into this season with resilience and reach out to their customers in new ways.

So what matter's more now than ever before? Social Media & Online Presence! This is a perfect time to ramp up your social media. Your community needs to be reminded that you are still doing business and that you need their support. If your business is closed for the time being this is also a great time to position yourself as the expert in your field. Educate your customers about your product, entertain them with fun videos or perhaps a "meet the staff" posts, use this time to build your brand.

If you are offering delivery or a call & pick up service, REMIND your customers. Post testimonials, how to videos, and pictures of your products! Customers need to see your posts an average of 8-10 times before they purchase, so don't get discouraged- get creative!

Create a online community. Take this time to make connections with other businesses, with customers or potential customers. This will not only give you a sense of support around your business but also give you an opportunity to network with other like-minded business people.

Sell online- can you sell online? Maybe this is the opportunity you need to push yourself into selling online. If this is overwhelming or perhaps you have a lot of product, why not start with one of your most popular items and see what happens. Or if you are a small business in a community post a sale online and delivery for a popular item. You never know unless you try! This is the time to try!

If you are needing support with social media or just want to brainstorm with someone, email me, Amanda, at contact@ivybridgemarketing.com I would love to help.

We are better together.

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