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My Top 3 Podcasts of 2020

When I thought about writing a blog my first thought was "I'm not a writer", honestly, writing isn't something that comes super natural to me.... talking does. If you ever meet me you will know that I enjoy a chat, a quick story (or not so quick), I love hearing about your day and sharing parts of mine... I LOVE to relate to people through conversation. So I have decided to see my blog as more of a chat with a friend about what I'm learning about, my thoughts, and my suggestions for marketing.

I absolutely love chatting marketing and I am still learning a TON about it. As I learn I have found the best way to keep that information in my brain is to teach it. This blog is a place I will get to teach you about all the wonderful things I'm learning about on this journey into marketing.

What got me so interested in marketing this past year was listening to podcasts about it while I went on bike rides. I have missed my summer evening bike rides so much... biking indoors is just not the same. Here a few of my favourites podcasts:

1. Building a Story Brand with Donald Miller- This is an amazing podcast full of interviews with many interesting people. I have read a bunch of books this year solely based on listening to the author being interviewed on this podcast. Highly recommend this one, even if you are not into marketing. One of my favourite podcasts was of a FBI negotiator who wrote a book called "Never Split the Difference" (super interesting read)

2. Goal Digger- The podcast- This is Podcast from Jenna Kutcher, who is a photographer turned social media marketing expert. She is fun to listen to and shares on all parts of life not just marketing. Also great interviews.

3. Typology with Ian Morgan Cron - Enneagram podcast! If you have spent time with me you will know that I love learning about the enneagram. It is such an amazing tool and I highly recommend his book and his podcast. Super resourceful, helpful, and also some really interesting interviews. If you have no idea what the enneagram is... send me a message- let's go for coffee.

BONUS podcasts

1. The Bible Binge- I'm not even sure how to describe this podcast, it's like pop culture and the bible together.. defiantly not for you if you don't like to laugh or dislike sarcasm. This team takes bible stories and puts them into everyday words, casts the bible characters as actors/actresses from today and overall makes the story come alive. I love it, makes me really think about different parts of familiar stories.

2. Lead to Win - with Micheal Hyatt and Megan Hyatt Miller- super awesome goal and staying organized information on this podcast. Some good stuff on leadership and boundaries as well.

Maybe you are looking for a new podcast for this year. Why not give one of these a try!

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