• Amanda Schroeder

Make Your Social Media Look Good

Have you ever wondered why some company/personal brand's social media look so polished? Have you struggled to figure out how to build your brand awareness? Here are 5 ways you can create a brand savvy social media platform that will have your customers coming back for more.

1. A Colour Palette: Instead of having lots of different colours. For a season, month, quarter find a colour palette that represents your business. Unsure how to find a good colour palette, this is where Pinterest or Google can help. A quick search can pull up lots of ideas to help start your colour journey.

2. A Plan: Creating a monthly or even quarterly marketing plan will not only help when it comes to posting on social media but used properly, can create a marketing story within it's content. Use your sale funnels to create your marketing plan.

3. Relevant Content: If you are posting photos, memes, or articles to your social media, be mindful that they are related to your company or brand. Don't just post because you are unsure of what to post or to just create content. Take a moment to really think about how the post will reflect on your company/brand and get to know your audience.

4. Social Media Tools: do your research, there are lots of free apps or online tools you can use to make your posts look purposeful and professional. Authenticity is important and posting an impromptu story or post can be helpful to create connection with your customers and followers however, take a moment to fine tune your post- a simple way to do this is to add your logo to your posting.

5. Presets.... say WHAT?? Have your ever wondered how some company/personal brand photos all have the same look, brightness, tint, hue. They are most likely using a present to create a cohesive collection of photos. Presents can be made, through apps like Adobe Lightroom or bought from creators.

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