• Amanda Schroeder

Just a dash of humour....

Has anyone noticed there is a LOT more activity on social media these days? My friends who have been silent for years are suddenly posting about life at home, memes about social distancing, and what they are watching on Disney+.

This is the time, as a business, to not be silent. Your business may be closed during this time or perhaps running differently - however more people are online and that means this is time to engage with your followers, your community, and your potential customers.

One way to engage with your audience is HUMOUR! Here are a few ways to achieve this.

1. Know your audience- if your audience is mostly moms, put some funny mom memes out your social media. Farmers? Construction workers?

2. Be positive- sarcasm can be funny with the right crowd however so much can be lost when written. Be mindful that your humour isn't being overly negative or dark.

3. Meme's - no need to reinvent the wheel there are lots of memes online that you can use for your business. An added bonus will the laughs you will get while researching.

4. Mix it up- choose educational posts, engaging posts, behind the scene's posts, employee posts, community posts, and humorous posts. Keep your social media interesting and fun for your audience.

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