• Amanda Schroeder

Is Your Business Memorable or Forgotten?

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Marketing is different in the age of social media. Everyday people see more imagines, products, and information than ever before. How do you make your business, brand, or services stand out?

What you tell your customers or potential customers about your business, product or brand is important, but more important is that you are telling them something. A simple phrase I like to remind myself of is, Marketing is an exercise in memorization. By creating phrases, key words, logos, fonts, and jingles that people recognize as your business no matter where they see or hear it, they will begin to memorize your brand. Memorization of your brand helps keep your business at the front of their mind.

For example, if I say "mmmmmm... I'm loving it" you think- McDonalds. This saying has been etched into our brains and when we think of the words "fast food burger" I can almost bet that McDonalds goes through your brain. Mcdonalds has become part of your memorized brands, popping up when you think of fries, burgers, free coffee, and happy meals. They have done a great job getting us to memorize almost everything about their brand.

So how can you create a brand that is easy to memorize?

1. Get yourself a key phrase, catch phrase, slogan or one-liner and REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT! Use your one-liner on your social media, in your email signature, on your business card, basically wherever you can fit it.

2. Use your logo- put that logo everywhere! You paid money to get a logo that represents your brand - don't hide it away. Or, if you don't have a logo or don't like your logo, get one made that you like and represents your business. Learn how to put your logo on printed materials, email, social media, uniforms and signs. People will begin to subconsciously memorize your logo and connect it with your product or service.

3. Consistency- don't stop! To stay in people's minds, you need to be in people's eyes. Creating an active social media account, engaging with your online community, local promotion of other businesses, and overall just being seen, will create a memorable brand. If you hide away or stop posting people will forget, it's not that your business is a terrible idea, it's that your customers need to be reminded regularly that you exist, what you sell/do, and how to buy it.

4. Plan it out- creating content takes time and energy. However, investing in marketing financially or with extra time, will always pay back. If you need some help contact us, we would be excited to work with you and make your business something that people remember. Because at IvyBridge we are Saving You Time, So You Can Make Money.

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