• Amanda Schroeder

Having 2020 Vision- Setting Smart Goals

Have you ever struggled with setting goals that are both challenging and yet achievable? Here are some tips on how to set smart goals for 2020.

1. Keep it Specific

This is not the time to be vague or to use broad statements. Make your goal very clear, instead of using the goal "start a blog" make a goal that can be measured and use action words "Write a weekly blog post every monday". This goal not only breaks down the broad goal of starting a blog but also provides a goal that is measurable. Using an action word for your goal will also help your mind start the goal prior to the event.

2. Make it Exciting

If you are not excited about your goal, most likely, it will not be accomplished. This is the time to get creative. Pushing yourself to take on a goal that provides some risk will ensure that you are not bored with it. Give yourself something to reach for, challenge yourself to push a bit more in the direction you want to go. By giving yourself a time limit, or time goal, you will create a sense of urgency which can help spur on productivity. Create time goals that are shorter, a yearly goal is great but breaking that goal into 4 parts will help you stay focused on the goal. As well as, give you a chance to celebrate success along the journey.

3. Write it Down, Review it Often

Taking time to write down your goals is the first step to accomplishing them. There is power in just writing down your goals and this step will help bring motivation and focus to your goals. By reviewing your goals daily, weekly, monthly, you will be able to celebrate your successfully completed goals, as well as, spur on new goals. There is power in looking back and celebrating accomplishments.

It's not too late to take some time to focus for the new year of 2020. Make this the year you are able to accomplish more than you thought possible.

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