• Amanda Schroeder

Happily Frustrated

I have found myself happily frustrated more times in the last 6 months (since I started my business) than ever before, because I am being challenged and I'm growing.

When I start a new project I visualize the project like a puzzle in a box. I open the box and start dumping all the pieces on the table. As I speak with the client and begin to understand their desires the puzzle pieces slowly flip over and become colours and shapes I can envision.

The creative process is much like the process of putting together a puzzle, pieces connect, an outline is made, and then it's just patience and perseverance. I have found there is a moment, in both processes, where a wave of major frustration hits. I want to quit, nothing is working out, the pieces are not matching up and I'm frustrated. I have found in that moment of frustration that I need to remind myself that this is part of the process, this is part of the final beautiful creation and that it is persevering through this frustrated that will bring breakthrough.

Suddenly the pieces start fitting together and the final product is finished. The puzzle is complete and an overwhelming sense of relief and accomplishment flood me.

I know that the frustration I experience is just a step in the right direction, that if I continue to push through, try new thing, learn new skills- breakthrough will happen. That is why I can confidently say that I have been happily experiencing frustration.

Creating is one of most beautiful things in life. I hope you are able to create in this season. Create for yourself, trust your instincts, and most importantly don't give up when the frustration comes because it means that breakthrough is on its way.

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