• Amanda Schroeder

Does My Personality Matter in Marketing?

This is something I have been mulling over for awhile. Is it important to show myself in my marketing? How polished do I need to look as a business? How to or when to show more personality in my social media. I'm confident now- personality brings & keeps people interested in my business & products. A few ideas on how to achieve balance in this area.

1. Show your face. As a customer I like to know who I am buying from. When a customer is invited into the life of the business owner it creates relatability. The business is not just a building/website trying to sell them things, but rather a person. This creates a sense of relationship & loyalty. You can achieve this by posting pictures of yourself or your employees with a write up about them. Give a behind the scenes look at your business, or be silly- if this is who you are, allow your quirkiness to reel in customers and grow your consumer base.

2. Be a Human. I have noticed in my own marketing that the posts that get the most attention are the ones that I share more about myself, my challenges or my dreams. I believe connection is important. I am mindful about what I share and what I don't, know your boundaries. I believe I can be authentic and yet careful about what I share- use wisdom.

3. Have fun. There is a local bakery/restaurant in my city that has amazing marketing I feel because they have the right mix of fun & product promotion. They have created brand loyalty because people feel like they know them. Showing their personality, making people laugh and then producing delicious food is a perfect mix.

TRY IT! I challenge you to post a headshot of yourself and a short comment about why you love your job or why you started your business. Let me know how it goes, feel free to tag IvyBridge Marketing&Design in your comments. If you don't have headshots send me a text, email or call- I would love to take photos of you & your employees that will bring out personality while also creating a professional/polished look- after all - it's all about balance.

Now it's my turn, as I grow in my marketing skills and my own sense of marketing personality, I have realized it's time to show a bit more personality in my work. So stay tuned on my social media & website as I bring a bit more "Amanda" into the mix. It's important to be professional but don't become boring or irrelevant to your customer.

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