• Amanda Schroeder

Design Time: 5 tips for Creative Design

Have you ever wondered why some businesses or companies look more "put together"? Here are a few tips to take your marketing materials/online presence from blah to BAM!

1. Pick a colour palette: this is pretty simple to do and you don't need a degree in design. Simply google #colorpalette or check out Pinterest for ideas. Once you have chosen your colour palette try to stick to those colours or hues for your website, social media, business cards, packaging.

2. Keep it Simple: include negative space on your posts, printed promotional materials, and websites. Negative space create breathing room and a sense of comfort. Also, helps direct your customers eye to your product/services and words.

3. Use clear & simple language: Your website, social media & printed promo items are not the place to write your novel or 10 page biography to why you started your business. Instead, use simple language to describe your product/service, how to buy it, and how it is going to make your customer happy.

4. Use a Readable Font: You may think this is a no brainer, however I have been on websites that use fancy cursive or fonts that are hard to read at first glance. Make sure your fonts are readable.

5. Do what you do best and hire someone to do the rest: A client once said this to me and I LOVED it. It's so true. If you want your website, promotional material & marketing to look professional perhaps it's time to hire one.

Not sure where to start? Contact me, Amanda, at contact@ivybridgemarketing.com.

I would love to take your product/service marketing to the next level.

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