• Amanda Schroeder

3 Questions To Ask To Market Anything

Marketing is story telling. Well, at least good marketing! The more I saturate myself with marketing the more I realize just how much story telling really does affect my decisions to buy a product or service.

Most stories follow a similar outline. First there is a hero, that hero is facing a villain. It looks like the hero will NOT be able to overcome the villain. In walks a guide/mentor who teaches and encourages the hero to not give up or shows them how to defeat the villain. The hero defeats the villain and lives happily ever after. Take that outline and think about your favourite movie- does it fit?

Marketing is just the same. You have a hero- your customer- and they are facing a villain - the problem. They are thinking about giving up, when you walk into the story - the guide with your amazing service or product that will solve their problem. They buy it- defeating the problem and live happily ever after!

Let's walk through this together. These are the questions you need to ask. Using these 3 questions you can create a story for your business, your products, your services.

  1. What problems are your customer's facing?

  2. What product or service solves that problem?

  3. How does it make their life better (their happy ever after)?

Here is an example: The Product is wireless earphones.

  1. The problem- "Are your earphone wires constantly getting tangled wasting time when you want to listen to music?"

  2. The product that solves the problem "Our wireless earphones have no wires"

  3. How's their life better? "Meaning that you no longer have to waste time untangling your earphones so you can listen to your music faster without the hassle"

This is a great exercise to do with all your products or future products. Also with your business. Here is one from my business.

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So if you ever feel stuck with how to market your product or services just try this simple exercise and get creative.

Have fun selling!

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