• Amanda Schroeder

3 Mistakes Business Owners Make

Have you ever wondered why some businesses flourish and some don't even though they sell very similar products or services? Here are 3 things they may be doing wrong and how not to fall into these situations.

1. They focus all their marketing on themselves and not on their potential customer.

It is very simple to fall into this trap, yes- your business story, your history, and how great your business is, are important. However, if your marketing focus is all about your business, you are going to miss a big piece of potential marketing which you need to succeed. Your customer needs to be there hero in your story, it's their transformation, happiness or success that will get them to buy and also create loyal customers. What problem are you solving for your customer?

If you can not think of any problems that your services or products help, maybe it's time to hire someone to help market your business. At times all it takes is an outside look to help bring a fresh perspective to your marketing plan.

2. Your website doesn't have a call to action. This may sound too simple, however lots of websites simple don't tell customers how to "buy now", "book a consultation", "find a distributer" "start today" . By putting in a call to action button you are making it simple for people visiting your website to buy now or simply engage with your business. Unsure of how to create a call to action? IvyBridge can help you out, website auditing, designing, and upkeep are part of our services. Contact IvyBridge Today

3. They don't think about Branding.

What is branding, by definition Branding means: the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design, which is distinctive wording or design used to identify a particular brand. By creating a cohesive marketing platform with similar fonts, colours, logo, etc, customers will recognize your brand without having to put much effort into it. With so much information passing our customers eyes it is important to take time to really cultivate what kind of message and design your company uses to minimize confusion.

For example, think about Macdonalds advertising- what comes to mind? Most likely the giant M logo. You will recognize that giant M logo in almost every context- that is branding. We have identified a particular brand by its design. Repetition of your branding will help create a consistent brand that will hopefully stick in the minds of your customers long after they see your advertisement. Branding helps your customers recognize that it is your business.

Would you like your business to thrive? Perhaps it's time to invest in a marketing plan. IvyBridge has marketing plans that include

1. Brand or Rebrand your company

2. Logo Design & Website Design

3. Content photography- a photo shoot focused on your company, your people, your services. This is great for social media posts, websites or print materials.

4. Sales Funnel design - creating a marketing plan for a specific product or for an overall business.

Not seeing exactly what you need. Feel free to contact us. Our goal at IvyBridge is to SAVE YOU TIME, MAKE YOU MONEY.

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